A Story of Determination

D-Whit, born Duane Gerard Whitley is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in the 80s under the strict teachings of the Jehovah's Witness faith. Never allowed to celebrate any holidays such as Christmas, Easter or even his birthday, D-Whit had to face difficult hurdles from the beginning starting in elementary school where he was bullied because he was different than the other kids. Even though he led a sheltered life, only being allowed to associate with other kids of the same religion, D-Whit always knew that he would someday make his impression on the show business scene. In the early 90s D-Whit relocated to New York City and quickly gained respect as a choreographer and touring with platinum artists such as Joe, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child and Usher. His smooth dance moves were featured in many artists performances on television and concert stages internationally. He's also sung background vocals for artists Joe and Kevon Edmonds (Babyface's brother) on national tv shows. In 2008 fate sent him another blow when he was rushed to the hospital to find that less than 50% of his kidneys were functioning due to high blood pressure. The doctors immediately placed D-Whit on a dialysis machine for treatment. This health crisis at the time derailed him from his dream of making it big in New York City and had to move to his original home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Determined to not be another bad health sytistic, D-Whit made the decision to eat better and live positively as he worked his way back to good health and discontinued his dialysis treatment which successfully lasted for the next 6 months. D-Whit made his way back to New York where he wrote, directed, choreographed and produced "Ghetto Chronicles The Musical" which landed him a nomination from the Audelco Award Association. Shortly afterwards D-Whit fell ill again and was rushed to the hospital and given the same diagnosis; renal failure and was placed on dialysis once again. On August 31, 2015, his mother who had been his #1 inspiration and cheerleader passed away after complications from cancer. His mother always taught him to have a strong belief in a higher power and determined not to let personal tradgedy be the forefront of his life story, he is more dedicated than ever to continue making great music for you to dance to and entertain the world. D-Whit says "my job in life is to entertain you until God says I've completed his mission."